Oxygen Availability

Every grower knows and understands the importance of Oxygen to its plants. Like most living organisms, plants require oxygen for energy generation, which in plants means creating sugars. Plants can only uptake oxygen from the roots, and only in the form of dissolved oxygen in water. The amount of oxygen available for the roots depends on the amount of water around the root zone: when the roots are too dry, there is not enough water, hence not enough dissolved oxygen available for the plant; when they are too wet, there will not be enough air pockets in the soil, which in turn will lead to low dissolved oxygen availability. The main mission of RootsTalk is to find the most oxygen-saturated environment for the roots, and to maintain it throughout the growing period. High Oxygen Availability translates into more efficient, faster plant activity, which means improved growth using reduced inputs.

Patented Technology

Our irrigation system is based on delivering micro volumes of water via specially designed pulse irrigation system, controlled by calculating the Oxygen Availability to the roots. The RootsTalk methods of “communicating” with plants are protected by two global patents. The combination of the two patents creates a method which can sustain semi-hydroponic conditions in any soil, as well as optimized hydroponic conditions in soil-less mediums.