Drip Irrigation Turn Key Project

Although growers can install their own irrigation system based on RootsTalk’s requirements, since in most cases special drip tape must be imported, many clients prefer having a Turnkey Project Solution, under which (that) RootsTalk will design, procure, install a high quality drip irrigation system for the project, and operate it on an on-going basis. This option allows the RootsTalk design to be implemented properly and efficiently, and with a minimal maintenance.

Irrigation Management

RootsTalk offers irrigation management services via Internet connectivity and routine site visits. Our agronomists will monitor your plants, and will make sure that they receive the best treatment that RootsTalk and our irrigation system can provide. Prefer a DIY approach? No problem! RootsTalk will provide training to you and your staff so that your team can exploit the RootsTalk solution to its fullest.


For a limited time only, RootsTalk is offering to perform pilot projects at private ranches. Now you can compare the RootsTalk system with your usual growing methods, and make your decisions based on data from your own crops!


How to request a Pilot Project?

  • Download our “Pilot Request Form”, fill it in and send the form to our contact email.
  • If RootsTalk’s basic requirements are met, we will call you to gather some additional information.
  • Your farm will then be checked. If qualified, you will be offered a small scale, one crop cycle (recommended less than 1 acre).
  • The pilot is provided FREE OF CHARGE, but you may cover the cost of certain modification and some basic equipment must be installed at your site to perform the pilot. Cost may range from $1,000 to $10,000.
  • At the end of the pilot we will analyze the results. If the operation didn’t show a potential saving of at least $100,000 per year, the pilot will be terminated. If the pilot does show such savings, you agree in advance to purchase or lease the system.

Contact us now to see if you qualify for a pilot.

*Roots-talk reserves the right to reject any pilot request or terminate the pilot offering at any given moment. Pilots are limited by inventory and geography.