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What is “Rootstalk”?leaf-shape

A plant can tell us when it is thirsty or lacks nutrients. Growers know their crops and they “communicate” with their plants by looking, touching and measuring them. But while leaves and stems tell us what is the plant’s current condition and may indicate how it ended up this way, the roots can tell us something even more important: the story of the plant’s near future. If the roots are maintained in optimal conditions, then the plant will be healthy and vital. But if the roots are in suboptimal conditions, then the plant will not reach its full genetic potential.

Maintaining the roots in optimal condition is a task that was nearly impossible until recently, since it required the grower to understand the condition of the roots in real time, and all the time. But now, with RootsTalk Advanced Irrigation Solutions, communicating with the roots has become possible, and plants and growers can finally benefit from optimizing plant growth, and thereby maximizing its productivity and their profitability.

Maximizing a plant's growth is not easy, but it is the daily challenge of the grower. Plant growth depends on many factors, with feeding being the most crucial one. Feeding is mostly comprised of the answers to a few/some/several basic questions: when and how much to irrigate and fertigate, and what fertilizers to apply. To answer these questions, farmers make decisions based on experience, recommendations, statistics, and field data. Nevertheless, growers know a large portion of the feeding solution given to the plants is actually wasted and does not end up in the plants' tissues.

RootsTalk meets the challenge of really knowing what the plant needs by allowing the roots to answer these basic questions autonomously - by “listening” to the plants' real needs - in real time. RootsTalk is the US distribution arm of “AutoAgronom Israel”, a drip irrigation control technology which has helped growers all around the world to optimize their growth and maximize their profits. We are dedicated to our clients' success and to protecting the environment, a fact which has entitled us with the prestigious “CleanTechOpen” award, as well as other awards.

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Our Servicesleaf-shape

From design to installation to ongoing management, RootsTalk offers various irrigation services in order to tailor the best solution for each grower’s needs


Oxygen Availability

Oxygen Availability

Evapotranspiration (ET), soil moisture and solar radiation accumulation are three out of a small group of irrigation scheduling methods. None of these methods takes Oxygen Availability into consideration. We do.
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Oxygen Availability

Every grower knows and understands the importance of Oxygen to its plants. Like most living organisms, plants require oxygen for energy generation, which in plants means creating sugars. Plants can only uptake oxygen from the roots, and only in the form of dissolved oxygen in water. The amount of oxygen available for the roots depends on the amount of water around the root zone: when the roots are too dry, there is not enough water, hence not enough dissolved oxygen available for the plant; when they are too wet, there will not be enough air pockets in the soil, which in turn will lead to low dissolved oxygen availability. The main mission of RootsTalk is to find the most oxygen-saturated environment for the roots, and to maintain it throughout the growing period. High Oxygen Availability translates into more efficient, faster plant activity, which means improved growth using reduced inputs.

Patented Technology

Patented Technology

RootsTalk is the exclusive distributor of AutoAgronom patented technologies in the US, which include Oxygen Availability and Autonomous Plant Based Irrigation.
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Patented Technology

Our irrigation system is based on delivering micro volumes of water via specially designed pulse irrigation system, controlled by calculating the Oxygen Availability to the roots. The RootsTalk methods of “communicating” with plants are protected by two global patents. The combination of the two patents creates a method which can sustain semi-hydroponic conditions in any soil, as well as optimized hydroponic conditions in soil-less mediums.


Hardware & Software

The RootsTalk irrigation controller is made up of a three main components: a control unit, customized software, and probes.
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Hardware & Software

Our equipment is made in-house at AutoAgronom in Israel. While probes may differ from project to project, they will always include at least the basic measurements of EC, pH, temperature, and a special soil-water tension probe designed to support the oxygen calculation. Our control unit uses a very low voltage (24V), and is water proof and heat resistant. The software includes custom calculations that convert conventional parameters into Oxygen Availability. RootsTalk also offers a simplified platform allowing growers and administrators to monitor the roots' condition at any given moment or historically.

We have surpassed an average of 80 tons per hectare for all of our 50 hectares. This is an outstanding result. I am not familiar with such high yields in Israel, and maybe not even in the world. I have no doubt that these results are related to the way we irrigate with AutoAgronom.
Chaim Zohar Sha’ar Golan Groves, Israel, 2016
Our yields are certainly improving. This year is probably the best yields we’ll have across the average of all our table-tops.
Thomas Busby Dearnsdale Fruit, UK, 2016
This new irrigation system gives us the edge, the advantage to improve our quality of fruit and make it more sustainable by reducing water.
Andrey Ivano Tiptree Farms, UK, 2016

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